” was invited as well and after explaining the “Place of the Skull” meaning and all things about online journalism, students were asked, “If you could write a Weelunk article, what would it be?

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All this will take is more of that same commodity: money.

We ask for you help in any amount that you are able to contribute. If Brady can get to Pittsburgh he may respond well due to our help.

Brady and his mother are in hopes of his receiving an air ambulance transfer to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where further advanced help and research can be completed toward his recovery.

Brady's mother has been working in the healthcare field, but at this time has been forced to give up her job due to her being with him 24 hours a day.

Charitable Help for Autistic Young Man My nephew, Brady Conway, age 21, has been overwhelmed by a life of autism. My sister, Jay, his mother has always solely provided family support and care for Brady forcing relocation to Florida where he could get more help.

The fight against Autism has been long and hard and never-ending.

This is stuff good companies build upon and I'm glad to be part of the beginning of theirs.

I am renewed again in my gratitude for small towns and small privately owned business mentality.

Each year we are so grateful for the many outstanding professionals and community members that come to our school to share their careers and hobbies.

It opens our students’ eyes to the exciting possibilities that lay in their futures.

Brady has had a 2nd brain bleed and a 2nd emergency surgery.