Another notorious Tweaker Nation citizen is Tweaking Mom, who opens her page with “Trying to be a tweaker and a mom is harder than anyone can believe.It’s hard know which one is the most important to me at times.When Panasonic announced it would be updating its popular Lumix FX33, our mouths began to water (lack of food does that to you).

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Its unbelievable what a difference those 3 little millimetres make.

The horizontal angle of view is now approximately 71.5 degrees on the FX 35, compared to 65.5 degrees for a 28 mm lens or 54.4 degrees for 35 mm.

An increasing number however are featuring 28mm equivalent settings, widely thought of as the start of true wide angle photography.

The FX35 has a minimum zoom setting equal to an even wider 25mm though.

The Lumix FX35 is a powerhouse of a camera and the headline feature is without a doubt that extra-wide-angle minimum zoom setting.

Most digital compact cameras have a wide angle, typically around 35mm, which is absolutely fine for general snapshots.

You can also find helpful tips on preventing “Meth Mouth”, polling to find out how much ice costs where they all live, and requests to hook up all over the country. We’ve all seen pictures of rural meth-heads with sallow yellow faces and scraggly teeth. Sexy Tweaker Girls is a whole (NSFW) Tumblr dedicated to the hotties of crystal.

Selfies do pretty well in Meth Twitter, but what really gets the attention is shots of your crystals.

All of a sudden you can quite easily fit half the room into the frame, where as in the past you'd struggle.